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Mid 2017



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Why are we Running? is a frenzied swipe-fest of close-calls, near-deaths and barely-made-its that poses more questions than it answers.

What is this place? A leafy, nostalgic suburb that seems so familiar, but is just a little bit... off.

Who are these people? They don't seem to care if they live or die, but they won't leave you alone.

What is going on here? The dogs have run amok. There are fire and lasers everywhere. Who is driving these cars? Is that a flying saucer?

Is someone watching? Is that laughter? Is that cheering? What is happening? What are we all doing? Why are we running?

In Why Are We Running? you are thrown into a harmless-seeming world of diners, gazebos and white-picket fences. You start running. You can't stop. There are people. They're running too. They're running at you. What do they want? There are cars. They seemed friendly at first, but you quickly discover that nothing in this world is what it seems. Dodge everything that comes your way. The cars come fast and the mob grows. Swipe frantically. Juke and feint. Zig and zag. You die a lot, but you're getting the hang of this. You lead a pack of people into traffic and an unseen audience cheers you on. You complete missions. You level up. You unlock power ups. You can now go faster, drop devastating bombs, leave trails of fire. You unlock new features in the world. Buildings burst into flame. UFOs prowl the skies. The pandemonium builds and so do your skills. But the question remains...

Why are we running?


  • Block after block of beautifully designed paths, streets and obstacles.
  • Power ups that that range from the familiar (Bombs, Slo-Mo) to the wacky (LaserHula and Fire Trail)
  • Deadly environmental elements (cars, electric fences, bug zappers) both help and hurt you by killing followers but also killing you.
  • A balanced coin economy that gives access to power-ups and more plays. Collect them by running and by completing in-game missions.
  • Game Center and Google Play leaderboards allow players to compare skills.
  • Addictive and fast gameplay.
  • Built in Unity for iOS and Android
  • A rich world of discoverable details makes strategy and skill essential.
  • A fast-paced soundtrack that keeps you energized for longer runs.


Why Are We Running? Teaser Trailer 1  YouTube


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Flyclops is a independent mobile games studio located in Philadelphia, PA. We create mobile games that get played every day and stay installed for years, not days or weeks.

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Why Are We Running? Credits

Joshua Chung
Game engineer

Amanda Feifer

Yury Korzun
Game engineer

David Martorana
Backend engineer, Flyclops co-owner

Jake O'Brien
Game design and engineering, Flyclops co-owner

Rebecca Smith

Parker Whitney
Visual design and production, Flyclops co-owner

Mike Ambrogi
Visual designer, Final Form

Jason Marziani
Game engineer, Little Wins

Dain Saint
Sound engineer, Cipher Prime

Will Stallwood
Website design/development, Cipher Prime

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