Flyclops LLC
Based in Philadelphia, PA

Founding date:
March, 2011


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Why Are We Running?

225 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA 19106



Flyclops is a independent mobile games studio located in Philadelphia, PA. We create mobile games that get played every day and stay installed for years, not days or weeks.


Origins of the Winged Eyeball

Flyclops was built through collaboration. Owners Jake O’Brien, Parker Whitney and Dave Martorana all met while working at Philadelphia’s most community-driven coworking space. When Jake and Parker met, they immediately realized that they liked playing the same kinds of games and and that they wanted to make the same kinds of games. In 2010, they loosely formed Flyclops and built their first joint iOS app, Brainarang, a game about killing Zombies with boomerangs.


In September, 2011, while on a bus from Philadelphia to New York, Parker who is a Texas native and lifelong dominoes fan, tried unsuccessfully to find a decent, turn-based dominoes game to play with his friend. Parker and Jake decided to fill in the void and began building one themselves. After a few weeks of planning, Dave Martorana, friends of both Parker and Jake, volunteered to write the multi-player back-end for their game. Domino! finally launched in May of 2012 and quickly grew to over 100,000 downloads.

Growing the Team

By December of 2012, Domino! was closing in on 1 million downloads. In January, 2013, Flyclops reformed, with Dave joining Jake and Parker as a full partner in Flyclops LLC.

Domino! quickly developed an extremely enthusiastic and vocal fan-base, and a solid slice of our players have been playing Domino! daily since 2012. We built and launched the app for Android in 2013, allowing more dominoes lovers to connect with their friends and family through our game.

Over the years, incredibly active fan groups have organized on Facebook, starting a massive wave of Domino! tournaments.

The financial success of Domino! has allowed Flyclops to grow into an eight person team of fun and creative people working on both Domino! and the new and exciting Why Are We Running?.

Why Are We Running?

Why Are We Running? started as a jam game. Co-­owner Jake O’Brien organizes the very popular monthly Philly Game Jams at Philly Dev Night and he thought it would be interesting to change things up with a "Profit Jam" where the winner was chosen based on how much money the game made rather than how it was rated by the other game devs in attendance. Flyclops sponsored the jam, but also decided to participate by building a super fun game in a very short period of time. A simple, cool, working game was ready in 2 weeks (the allotted time), but we liked it too much to ship it without adding some serious polish. So we kept it in our back pocket, and finally at the start of 2016, had the time to get it ready for publication. Why Are We Running? is the game that Flyclops always wanted to make. It’s a little quirky, a lot fun and it's infinitely playable. Coming Fall 2016 to iOS, Android and Apple TV.


- Domino!
- Why Are We Running?


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Flyclops Website
Flyclops home page on the internet

Flyclops Tech Blog
Flyclops blog on the tech used behind-the-scenes

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Jake O'Brien
Co-owner, Game Designer and Engineer

Parker Whitney
Co-owner, Designer and Artist

Dave Martorana
Co-owner, Software Architect, business development

Joshua Chung
Game Engineer

Amanda Feifer
Marketing / Customer Support

Jason Marziani
Game Engineer - Freelance

Yury Korzun
Game Engineer

Rebecca Smith

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